Deleted Photo Recovery on Samsung Phone

Samsung group is a South Korean multinational conglomerate company. The brand Samsung is well known for its both digital and electronic gadgets all over the world. With the growth in technology, Samsung has been continuously crafting and launching different high-end gadgets. It has launched innumerable SmartPhones, tablets etc based on recent advanced technologies and modules. Samsung is also the leading brand in Smart TV. Makin a list of phones it has so far launched are- Samsung galaxy Grand, Samsung Galaxy Note II, Samsung Galaxy S II, Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy Tab2 311 and many more. Apart from their advantageous features like usage of Operating System, Applications, Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G they are mainly used for their crystal clear photo quality. Their high mega-pixel resolution and its ability to share on social networking sites with single clicks make people go gaga over Samsung gadgets. Plus their sleek designs have made it create a bench mark by standing on the position 1 for being the best Smartphone and mobile phone company.

Almost all of us are crazy about capturing photos and treasure few of them so as to remember them later. Images speak more than words, they help making memories alive and fresh. Therefore it becomes really frustrating when we accidentally delete few of them. One can easily understand how hard it is to preserve these digital media files. It is more hurting because once deleted these files cannot be recreated as past days won’t come back. Have you ever thought to recover Samsung photos from your cell phone after you have inadvertently deleted it? WE shall look into some other scenarios of photo deletion from Samsung mobile phones and how to retrieve them back in a short duration of time? But before we go on discussing certain circumstances let us look into this situation briefly. You can imagine the situation where you are holding your new Samsung Galaxy phone to capture fantastic moments during the past weeks, but all of a sudden all the digital media or multimedia files such as pictures, audio and video files got lost due to accidental deletion. The case is of loss because in your mobile phone there is no folder like the Recycle Bin which will catch hold of your deleted media files. Therefore it is natural that one will be frustrated, panic-stricken and worried after performing such a blunder error. Well you do not have to be more worried as Samsung Galaxy picture recovery is easier with this Samsung photo retrieval tool. Before we know more on to perform the task of Samsung Phone recover Photos, let us now take a tour through other scenarios of deletion of photos from Samsung phones.

Reasons for deletion of photos from Samsung Phone-

Accidental Deletion- Unawarely clicking on the “Delete” option instead of hitting the “Preview” option on our Samsung cell phones, deletes our images. We may lose our most treasured clicks or the entire image folder. But, if you want to recover deleted photos from Samsung phone using Samsung photo recovery tool. It can recover deleted pictures from Samsung Galaxy Ace Style, Galaxy Fascinate and many more models just within a fraction of minutes.

Running an anti-virus scan- When we connect our mobile phones with too many unsecure electronic gadgets such as with other mobile phones via Bluetooth, our Samsung phone may become vulnerable and prone to suspicious viruses that damages our memory card on phones internal memory. So while running an anti virus program to remove the spyware or malware, they delete the files that are contaminated. This can even be with your Samsung camera. This must-have program helps to restore files from camera of samsung brand.

Interruption during read /write- Any interruption in the read / write process (like transferring photos from memory card of mobile phone or camera to the computer) may corrupt the images in the phone or camera causing inaccessibility of the images. This software is able to recover pictures from Samsung WB250 Smart camera in just few clicks of mouse. To know more on smart camera photo recovery, click the given link:

Features of this Samsung phone retrieval software-

  • It has powerful scanning mechanism that scans and helps even to recover camera files such as photos, videos and excellently retrieves audio files from the selected drive within short period of time.
  • The software supports recovery of photos from Samsung Galaxy Tab after accidental deletion with ease.
  • It is highly compatible with all popular versions of both Windows and Mac OS such as Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 or Windows 2008 of Windows OS and Mac OS X 10.5.x and above (including Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion) of Mac OS.
  • This tool made deleted photo recovery from camera memory card as easy as cutting cake. If you want to utilize amazing features of this utility just have a look at this website
  • You can recover pictures and other multimedia files from the formatted NTFS partition by performing formatted NTFS partition recovery using this Samsung photo recovery toolkit.
  • It provides an option to save retrieved files on any storage devices accessible to the source Operating System like CD’s, DVD’s etc.
  • By using this fabulous tool you can even recover deleted pictures from Samsung Galaxy Ace phone. For further details refer this
  • Recovered photos can be previewed using either “File Type/ Data Type view” option to estimate the recovery results.
  • The most amazing fact is it acts as Samsung HDD recovery software for all the different models of Samsung desktop or laptops.
  • This Software also capable enough to recover deleted images from Samsung Galaxy FIt.

How to recover deleted photos from Samsung phone?

Step 1: Download and install the software for Windows and Mac Os into your system. Once downloaded, user needs to launch the software in their local machine. After you launch the software, user needs to select the option "Recover Deleted Files" on the main screen in order to restore deleted images from your Samsung Phone.

Recover deleted photos from Samsung phone - Main Screen

Step 2: On clicking the next button in the second screen, you need to select the appropriate physical or logical drive from the option displayed in the new window from which you want to perform the recovery process.

Recover deleted photos from Samsung phone - Select Drive

Step 3: After selecting the particular drive a scanning process begins that thoroughly and randomly scans all your files and folders in order to retrieve the deleted pictures. After the scanning process gets completed you can preview the recovered images either in "Data type view" or in "File type view".

Recover deleted photos from Samsung phone - Preview Files


  • It is advised to keep your Smart Phone always free from suspicious viruses, malware and spyware.
  • It is recommended to not use your Samsung phone after any type of accidental or unwanted photo deletion scenario which may lead to overwriting.
  • Avoid accidental deletion or formatting your SD card by making use of “write protect” knob.
  • Don’t remove your memory card from your phone abruptly.
  • It is a smart move to keep a backup of all the cherished moments.