Restore Deleted Pictures from Samsung Captivate

Samsung is one of the most popular electronic companies well known for its electronic gadgets. Samsung has really brought a new revolution in the field of Smartphone field by introducing its most exciting Smartphones. Samsung Captivate is one of those which is famous among the user across the globe. It has a lot of features for user, most of the people use their Smartphone for capturing the image of some very special occasions and preserve them and can recall their sweet memory at latter point of time. If you by mistake delete your important snapshot from your Smartphone then do not worry about how to retrieve deleted pictures from Samsung Captivate. You can easily get back deleted photos with the aid of Samsung Photo Recovery tool.

There are many instances where you may end up in deleting photos from your Samsung Smartphone. Some of those which are most commonly occurring are as follows:

Accidental Deletion: This is one of the most frequently occurring causes where your pictures from Samsung Phone are get deleted. Generally, this error took place either in hurriedness or due to mistake. Suppose, if you wish to delete useless files or folder from your phone and by mistake you end up in deleting a folder containing photos of sweet memories, then the entire image from this folder is deleted. This may create a big problem for you if some very important pictures are deleted and you do not have a backup of these. However, there is a recovery tool named as Samsung Photo Recovery tool, making use of that you can easily bring back your deleted photos from Samsung phone. Visit this link to know more about deleted photos recovery on Samsung phnoe:

Deletion while Transferring: Sometimes, you want to transfer photos from your Samsung Captivate to your system and when you select image by mistake instead of choosing transfer option you press delete option then all those selected photos are deleted in just a fraction of seconds leading to trouble for you. After this event you must be thinking, how to retrieve deleted pictures from Samsung Captivate. In such case the only way to get rid of this condition is to make use of Samsung Photo Recovery tool which is also an excellent utility to rescue pictures from Samsung Epic mobile phones.

Photos deleted because of any reason can be recovered back with the help of this popular photo recovery tool as long as you do not store anything to your SD card of Samsung Captivate. If you keep storing new data on it then overwriting may took place which in turns reduces the chance of recovery. To know more visit:

This Photo Recovery software is capable to get back deleted images from your smart phone very easily of all types of images including JPG, JEPG, PNG, BMP and many more. It supports all popular versions of Windows and Mac OS including Windows 7, Windows8, Windows Vista, XP from Windows operating system. It has got a very powerful scanning algorithm by making use of which it scans and recovers image, audio and video files from SD card of Samsung phone. You can also rescue camera files with this tool. Once the pictures are recovered with the help of this tool you can easily preview it based upon Data View or File Type View. It is not only useful for recovering deleted photos from Samsung Captivate but it is also useful for recovering deleted images from Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4. This software is not only capable to recover deleted photos but can also recover lost pictures from Samsung Galaxy very easily. This link will show you how to retrieve lost photos from Samsung Galaxy:

Quick guide on how to retrieve deleted pictures from Samsung Captivate

Step 1:Download and install the software and then connect memory device to system, once it is launched select the option "Recover Deleted Files".

How To Retrieve Deleted Pictures from Samsung Captivate - Main Screen

Step 2: Later select the appropriate drive from the option displayed in the new window from which you want to perform photo recovery process.

How To Retrieve Deleted Pictures from Samsung Captivate - Select Physical Drive

Step 3:After selecting the particular drive a scanning process begins that thoroughly scans, once scan is completed then all deleted photos will be retrieved. After that you can preview the recovered images either in "Data View" or in "File Type View".

How To Retrieve Deleted Pictures from Samsung Captivate - Preview Recovered Photos