Delete Duplicate Contacts from Galaxy Smartphone

Now-a-days, Samsung Galaxy Smartphones are highly used among the mobile users all over the world as a result of its great features which helps users in several ways. But, for majority of users, the contact information that is stored onto their phones internal storage memory is really important. This is because contact information on your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone includes phone numbers of specific person, email addresses, name of the person and much more details. Each and every contact on your Galaxy phone is manually added in the phonebook and it helps for you to recognize the details of an individual when some person calls or messages you. When the Samsung Galaxy user is trying to import contacts from Google accounts that are synced with the mobile or SIM card, then multiple copies of the same phone number get generated which are nothing but called as duplicate contacts.

For example – In case you have a contact number that is saved both on your Samsung Galaxy phone and also on your Google or any other account, then during the synchronization process even this contact will be imported and leads to the generation of duplicate contacts. Duplicate contacts have exactly the same match of the original contacts and cause the problem of multiple entries overlapping thereby occupying the storage space on your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone.

Are you facing difficulty in differentiating between duplicate contacts and the original contacts on your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone? And, now are you thinking what can be done to remove duplicate contacts from Samsung Galaxy phone? Do not panic!!! You can locate and delete duplicate contacts present on your Galaxy Smartphone using a powerful third party Application called Remo MORE. This utility will completely support you in deleting duplicate contacts from Galaxy phone with great ease and accuracy. By making use of this software, you can eminently get rid of duplicate or multiple contacts which are housing on your Samsung Smartphone.

Remo MORE is ingrained with high tech features that would help in detecting and deleting duplicate contacts on your Samsung phone. This effective software will find and displays the duplicate contacts on the basis of Name, Number, Email or Similar Names. You can choose any one of them and get the contacts displayed to start the process of deleting duplicate contacts.

Key Point of Remo MORE suit:

  • Delete duplicate contacts on Samsung Galaxy S1, S2, S3, S4 and other Android driven Smartphones like HTC, LG, Motorola, Sony, etc.
  • The tool provides an option to merge the multiple contacts on your Android phone i.e. Quick Merge and Custom Merge. Also, Merge & Delete option that you can select if you want to delete duplicate contacts after merging.
  • You can delete duplicate contacts on Galaxy running with any Android OS version like Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, etc.
  • It helps you in freeing up storage space that is occupied by duplicate contacts by removing all unwanted contacts.

Steps to remove duplicate contacts from Samsung Galaxy:

Step1: Download and install Remo MORE software on your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone. After installation run the tool and select “Optimize” option from the main screen. Now, tap on “Remove Duplicates” option to delete duplicate contacts from Galaxy as shown in Figure 1.

Remove Duplicate Contacts from Samsung Galaxy - Click Remove Duplicate Option

Step2: Now, based on how to clean duplicate contacts, choose any one option from By Name, By Number, By Email or Similar Names as shown in Figure 2.

Remove Duplicate Contacts from Samsung Galaxy - Choose Option

Step3: Select By Name, all the duplicate contacts present on your Samsung phone will be displayed as shown in Figure 3.

Remove Duplicate Contacts from Samsung Galaxy - List of Duplicate Contacts by Names

Step4: Select the contacts which you to remove and click on “Merge” option as shown in Figure 4.

Remove Duplicate Contacts from Samsung Galaxy - Select Merge Option

Step5: After that, choose “Quick Merge” or “Custom Merge” and click on “OK” to start the process of removing duplicates contacts from Samsung Galaxy phone as shown in Figure 5.

Remove Duplicate Contacts from Samsung Galaxy - Select Option

Step6: You can tap on “Merge & Delete” option, if you want to delete duplicate contacts after merging them.