Recover Missing Photos from Samsung Galaxy

  • The eminent way to retrieve photos missing from Samsung Galaxy phones
  • Supports restoration of file type formats in simple clicks
  • Recovers data from formatted or corrupt storage drives
  • Runs with all other brands of storage memory cards

Samsung Galaxy is a series of Android OS mobile and computing devices which has been manufactured, designed and marketed by Samsung Electronics. It includes the Galaxy S series of high-end Smartphones, tablets and phablets with the added functionality of a stylus and the Galaxy Tab series of tablets. It features many advantages over other devices including the speed and the battery life. It is such a powerful device which can load apps quickly, process the data in a faster speed and display it in easily viewable format. One can look at two applications at the same time without losing their place in either program. Because of its popularity, many users along with those who have average knowledge about Samsung Galaxy gadgets are using it these days.

However, data loss is the main problem that Samsung Galaxy users often face nowadays. To explain you about file loss from Samsung Galaxy Smartphone or tablet, let us consider a scenario wherein you own Samsung Galaxy Smartphone which is loaded with a huge amount of photos, applications, videos and many more. One fine day, you thought of transferring some photos to your computer to save them as a backup copy and hence connected Samsung Galaxy Smartphone to the system. You copied all photos from Samsung Galaxy Smartphone and clicked on “Paste” option to save them to Windows computer. But during the process of transmission, your PC suddenly turned off due to a software malfunction. Later when you restarted to resume the transfer process, you were shocked because entire photos which you were supposed to transfer were missing from the Samsung Galaxy Smartphone.

In such situation, you may feel very bad for losing vital photos from Samsung Galaxy Smartphone. But you would be happy to know that with the utilization of Samsung Photo Recovery software you can easily regain missing photos from Samsung Galaxy gadgets without any complications. However, before knowing how to get pictures from Samsung phone or tablet, let us have a glance over the situation that makes you lose photos from Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet. Few of them are as follows:

  • Improper Removal: It is suggested to disconnect the Samsung Galaxy device from computer by making use of “Eject” option provided by Windows the computer. If you fail to click on the option and pull out data cable connected to Samsung Galaxy, then files present in it might go missing
  • Virus attack: When you connect Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet to the computer that is highly-infected with the viruses then viruses might get entered to your Samsung Galaxy as well that resulted in the removal of certain files from it
  • Low Battery: You should not use the Samsung Galaxy device to click photos when the battery is very low. In case you ignore “Low battery” message and proceed further to snap pictures then you will lose photos from Samsung Galaxy. Visit this link to recover photos from Samsung Galaxy S2

Even though the situation seems critical, you can easily overcome it by using the Samsung Photo Recovery software. This utility can easily restore entire data from Samsung Galaxy devices such as Smartphones, Tablets and Phablets without damaging its original quality. You will be able to rescue files like photos, videos, music, APK files and lots more from both internal and external memory of Samsung Galaxy gadgets. You can be rest assured to use this software as it is 100% safe and virus-free. Moreover, you can preview recovered images before proceeding to save it. You may use this application to restore lost photos from Samsung Galaxy devices.

Note: If you have deleted important images from your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, you can use this link for easy recovery:

How to Recover Missing Photos from Samsung Galaxy?

Step1: Download and install Samsung Photo Recovery tool on your computer. Plug–in the Samsung Galaxy device to the system by means of data cable. Run the application and from the main screen select “Recover Lost Files” option to recover missing photos from Samsung Galaxy.

Photos Missing from Samsung Galaxy - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step2: The software starts detecting the connected Android based Samsung Galaxy as shown in Figure II.

Photos Missing from Samsung Galaxy - Samsung Galaxy Detection Screen

Figure 2: Samsung Galaxy S3 Detection Screen

Step3: Select Samsung Galaxy device from the next screen.

Step4: Once the scanning process is over, you can preview the recovered pictures in a new window as shown in Figure IV.

Photos Missing from Samsung Galaxy - Preview Recovered Pictures

Figure 4: Preview Recovered Pictures