Free Tool to Increase Samsung Galaxy Battery Life

In the mobile industry, with the launch of Android Smartphones and Tablets, every mobile phone user is getting attracted towards it and from their old cell phones migrating to Android phones. Among several Android powered Smartphones, Samsung Galaxy is the most popular Smartphone that is being highly preferred by the users as it offers various advantageous features and user friendly interface. As Samsung Galaxy Smartphone is enriched with several pre-loaded applications and comes with great processor for example 1.6 GHZ that means the Samsung Galaxy Smartphone or Tablet that is highly featured with advanced functionalities requires more power for its working. The more you make use of your Galaxy Smartphone, the faster its battery is going to be drained and leaving the Smartphone in dead state nothing but decreasing the battery life which means not allowing you to further use your mobile phone unless charged.

Isn’t it really a devastating situation? Many users across the globe employ these Samsung Galaxy Smartphones to accomplish one or the other task like listening music on travelling, accessing social networking sites, checking Maps, playing online games, capturing pictures on vacation, etc. If the same Android phone is low on battery and does not let you to use the phone, then it makes your travelling quite boring leaving you with no options. What will you do in such an instance? Are you among the one who is facing the problem of battery drainage in Samsung Galaxy phone? If so, then you are not the only one. There are several of other users who are going through same issues. So, just relax and make use of some reliable and appropriate third party battery monitoring software. One third party tool that monitors your battery all the time and increases its battery life is Remo MORE.

Remo MORE is the freeware battery monitoring tool which helps you learn how to maximize battery life on Samsung Galaxy Smartphone or Tablet. By making use of this free application, one can create a power plan so as to use the resources of battery only when it is required. With the aid of Remo MORE utility, one can prevent unnecessary battery power consumption. MORE suite can be used in all the models of Samsung Galaxy i.e. Galaxy S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy S Advance, Galaxy Fascinate and more. Adding to this, this Android phone power booster can be employed on several other devices running with Android OS for example HTC, Sony, LG, MicroMax, Motorola and more. It provides a smartest solution to increase Samsung Galaxy battery life.

MORE suite is built with highly advanced technology that identifies all the different issues accountable for draining of battery and resolves the issues fastly with accuracy. While monitoring the battery life of your Samsung Galaxy phone, it does not cause any harm to the existing applications and other data stuff. Hence, it is recommended to use Remo MORE toolkit so as to get longer battery life on a Samsung Galaxy tablet or Smartphone.

Precautionary tips to be followed:

  • Avoid using highly animated wallpapers and prefer using normal wallpapers.
  • Auto synchronization applications must be disabled.
  • Do not add all the widgets on the main screen of your Android device, use only the required widgets.
  • Disable the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth antenna when not in use.

Guide to enhance Samsung Galaxy battery life:

Step 1: Download and install Remo MORE software on your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone. Launch the application and select "Manage" option from the main application screen as illustrated in Image A.

How to Maximize Battery Life on Samsung Galaxy - Select Manage Option

Image A: Select Manage Option

Step 2: Now, tap on "Power Manager" option as illustrated in Image B.

How to Maximize Battery Life on Samsung Galaxy - Tap on Power Manager Option

Image B: Tap on Power Manager Option

Step 3: Click on "Add" option to add your own profile as illustrated in Image C.

How to Maximize Battery Life on Samsung Galaxy  - Add Profile

Fig 3: Set Password

Step 4: After that provide all the details and do the customization. Click on "Apply" button to apply changes as illustrated in Image D.

How to Maximize Battery Life on Samsung Galaxy - Click Apply

Fig 4: Click Apply