Protect Photos With Password on Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy is one of the most famous Smartphone of today's. It offers many advanced features to its users, hence user’s interest is highly diverted towards the Samsung Galaxy. One of the most unique feature it gives to its user is high resolution inbuilt camera which most of the people find useful to capture the snapshot of their memorable moment. In the event if you with to protect your captured photos on your Samsung Galaxy with password then you can achieve this with the help of newly launched unique tool called Remo MORE. This tool is armed with special feature and is capable to lock your red letters moments photos on Samsung Galaxy in just a simple clicks of mouse.

The reason why people prefer to protect their sweet memories on galaxy is to maintain privacy. Suppose you have captured some private pictures on your phone which you want to keep secret and don’t want to let others to know about these snap shots then do not worry you can do so by making use of protecting tool.

Apart from this if you occasionally lend your Smartphone to others then chances are pretty high that third person can easily access your images stored on it. If in such type of event your images are exposed then you might encounter unexpected problem. Thus to stay away from such type of unexpected problem you should always protect your images with password on Samsung Galaxy. In addition to this, if your phone is missed and goes in the hand of third person then he/she could misuse your images and possibility are that they can black mail you based on the private picture you had saved on your smart phone.

Hance why it is better to lock private photos before its too late. There are many ways you can prevent your photos from being accessed by unauthorized person on your Smartphone. Some of the phone is equipped with inbuilt feature which helps users to protect their private pictures from unauthorized access. But, this is not a better way to protect your photos, you should make use of specialized equipment which has ability to protect your photos on Samsung Galaxy.

There are many tools which can be used to protect your favorite images on Samsung Galaxy, but Remo MORE is an unique tool which has the ability to lock your folder with a robust password. This tool is developed by highly qualified software professionals. In addition to photos MORE can also lock different type of files and folders within a fraction of second. It has a special algorithm which provides proven security, i.e. you cannot unlock the folder unless you know the right password. It also provides step by step guide to its user with respective screenshots. You can download latest version of this tool from Internet without any charge.

Steps to password protect photos on Samsung Galaxy

Step 1: Download and install the free version of Remo MORE software and launch it. Select "Manage" option form the main screen as shown in the figure 1.

How to Password Protect Photos on Samsung Galaxy - Select Manage Option

Fig 1: Select Manage Option

Step 2: From this screen select "Locker" option as shown in the figure 2.

How to Password Protect Photos on Samsung Galaxy - Select Locker

Fig 2: Select Locker

Step 3: Set a password for your images from this screen as shown in the figure 3.

How to Password Protect Photos on Samsung Galaxy - Set Password

Fig 3: Set Password

Step 4: From this screen select "Image" option as shown in figure 4.

How to Password Protect Photos on Samsung Galaxy - Select Image Optio

Fig 4: Select Image Option

Step 5: From this screen select images which you want to protect with password and click on "Lock" option to lock photos as shown in figure 4.

How to Password Protect Photos on Samsung Galaxy - Select Photos and Click on Lock Option

Fig 5: Select Photos and Click on Lock Option