Recover Photos from Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone

  • The magnificent application that effortlessly restores photos from Galaxy S5 smartphones
  • All sorts of media file types of images, videos, audio, etc. are well-supported
  • Heps in restoring files that are deleted, lost, formatted, corrupt or inaccessible
  • Recovers media files in their original format in quick steps
  • Also capable to restore files from all other models of Samsung phones, hard disks, SSD, memory cards, etc.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 got an extravagant camera and has a high external storage slot wherein you can use the memory card and store your data up to a few GB’s. Have you stored all your images of different vacations in Samsung Galaxy S5 memory card? If yes, then you might have come across an accidental deletion scenario. While previewing the files instead of the open option you might end up clicking on the delete option after which you face data loss. In order to overcome this situation, you might start searching for how Samsung Galaxy S5 photo recovery process is done?

Samsung Galaxy S5 photo recovery process

The Samsung Photo Recovery is one proficient tool, which provides you with the relevant solution on how to get back photos from Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone. This efficient tool helps you to recover photos from the Samsung Galaxy S5 phone memory card without any difficulty. To fetch more information about this excellent tool, just click on the mentioned link:

Scenarios which causes loss/deletion of photos from a Galaxy S5:

  • Accidental Deletion: Accidental loss is a common scenario wherein you may end up deleting an image incautiously while trying to delete some unwanted pictures. You might later realize about losing your precious pictures.
  • Abrupt Removal: When you connect your Samsung Galaxy S5 to the system for maintaining a proper backup of the pictures then you might remove the connected cell phone in between of ongoing file transfer process. After this, you may face loss in photos but anyways you can overcome this situation using Samsung Photo Recovery tool which helps to get back photos from the Samsung Galaxy S5.
  • Virus attack: Due to high usage of the internet in Galaxy S5, your device might get infected and the highly-infected images stored in the external storage device might get corrupt. After corruption, you are forced to delete the file, which in turn, causes data loss.
  • Format error: As soon as you connect the cell phone to your system due to some errors the system might display “Do you want to Format?” but unfortunately, when you click on yes then it might end up deleting all the images from the memory card of the Samsung phone.

Tips to follow:

  • Always maintain a proper backup of the images so that it might help you in case of data loss.
  • Do not capture pictures when cell phones battery is low.
  • Make use of popular antivirus in order to get rid of the virus attack.

Why Samsung photo recovery tool is the best solution to restore pictures from Galaxy S5?

  • Performs Samsung Galaxy S5 photo recovery on both Mac and Windows OS at your fingertips.
  • This tool has the capacity to restore lost pictures from Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, S2, S4, S5, S6, S7, S8, S9, S10, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, Samsung Galaxy Ace Style, etc.
  • Samsung photo recovery also supports the recovery of files from other brands of phones running with Android OS like Sony, HTC, LG, etc.
  • It has the ability to recover photos from formatted and corrupted storage devices like memory cards that are used in Samsung phones.

Follow the steps to restore pictures from Galaxy S5:

Step 1: Download and install the software to recover photos from Samsung Galaxy S5. Then connect Samsung Galaxy S5 to the system.

Step 2: Select the recovery option as Recover Photos. Choose Galaxy S5 phone from the list of devices connected in the system. Now click on Scan button.

Samsung Photo Recovery - Main Screen

Step 4: The scanning process is initiated in the next step.

Photo Recovery Samsung - Select Drive

Step 5: Files restored upon scan appear in File Type View and Data View.

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung - Recovered Files

Step 5: Preview the pictures with a right-click.

Photo Recovery Samsung - Preview

Step 6: Finally save the files restored from Galaxy S5 storage to a secure folder location.

Photo Recovery Samsung - Save