How to Recover Deleted Videos from Samsung Galaxy S4?

A quite number of users have reported with deleting some vital video files from their Samsung Galaxy S4. If you are one of them and looking for recovery of deleted video from Samsung Galaxy S4 then you have arrived at right spot. This page will provide you with complete information about a tool which can easily recover deleted video from Samsung Galaxy S4. Samsung photo recovery is one such software that supports the recovery of deleted videos and other media files like pictures on the Samsung Galaxy S4 phone. However, you can also use this recovery software to restore deleted pictures from Galaxy S Advance, Samsung Galaxy Fascinate, and many more Smartphones.

Factors causing deletion of video files from Samsung Galaxy S4

  • Deletion by accident: Whilst watching a video, one might accidentally click on the delete button. Thankfully, the Samsung Photo recovery that comes handy to get rid of a situation like this. You can easily retrieve deleted video from Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone. To find out more information about Samsung Galaxy recovery software visit here:
  • Deletion by the third-party tool: When you connect your Samsung Galaxy S4 to the system for transferring image, a third-party tool like antivirus starts scanning the Samsung Galaxy S4 to make sure it is virus-free. In case, if the folders or media in the Samsung Galaxy S4 are affected by the virus then they will be simply deleted. However, with the aid of this recovery tool, you can get rid of such scenarios. If you are an S5 user and you want to recover deleted pictures from it, then you can totally make use this tool as it comes handy in Samsung Galaxy S5 photo recovery process.
  • Formatting: Formatting the memory card that is used in Samsung galaxy S4, either intentionally or accidentally without any backup results in permanent deletion of the files stored in the Samsung Galaxy S4's memory card

NOTE: Once you have faced deletion or loss of videos from your Samsung Galaxy S4, immediately stop using the device. This is because, if the videos that are deleted from Samsung Galaxy S2, are overwritten with new files, then it's highly impossible to regain those videos back.

Samsung Photo Recovery - Free Software to Recover Deleted Videos from Samsung Galaxy S4

Other than the above-stated reasons, the Samsung Photo Recovery is a tool which is specially designed to retrieve deleted video from Samsung Galaxy S4 as well as photos from Samsung Galaxy S4, S2 and Samsung Galaxy S3. Follow the given link to know about deleted photo recovery from Samsung Galaxy S3:

This tool works with different versions of Windows like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Vista, etc. and Mac OS (such as Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan and Sierra). Its a powerful algorithm helps in the recovery process by deeply scanning the storage device. It can recover all types of image, video and music files including .apk files. You can easily recover photos from Samsung Galaxy Tablet in just a few simple steps by making use of this tool.

Steps to restore deleted videos from Samsung Galaxy S4:

Step 1: Connect the Samsung Galaxy S4 to the system and download the Samsung Photo Recovery tool. After installation of software select "Recover Photos" option from the main screen. Pick the logical drive that represents your Samsung S4 phone and click on the Scan button to proceed with video recovery.

Samsung Photo Recovery - Main Screen

Step 2: The software begins to scan the Galaxy S4 storage for the deleted and lost files.

Photo Recovery Samsung - Select Drive

Step 3: A list appears with all the media files restored after the scan operation.

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung - Recovered Files

Step 4: Preview any of the files in the list by right-clicking on it.

Photo Recovery Samsung - Preview

Step 5: Set a location to save the files that you marked and hit on the Save button.

Photo Recovery Samsung - Save