Samsung Photo Recovery Software to Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung Note 2

  • Professional Photo Recovery Tool that can recover deleted, corrupted, lost, and formatted photos, videos, music files, etc. from Samsung Note 2
  • Supports photo, videos, music files, and other media files recovery from all Samsung branded devices including Samsung cameras, Smartphones, hard drives, Camcorders, and other gadgets
  • Comes in free demo edition and available for free download (Windows & Mac versions) that recovers deleted and lost files from Samsung devices and offers a free preview of the recovered files before even activating the license key of the software

Samsung Note 2 smartphone is widely used all over the globe. It is one of the best and convenient gadgets to click pictures on the go. It’s always frustrating when you delete momentous photos accidentally from a Samsung Note 2 smartphones. After losing such important photos, it’s not possible to recreate past moments. So you may be in search of Samsung Note 2 photo recovery tool to rescue all your deleted photos. No need to worry!! Samsung deleted photo recovery application is here to help you to recover deleted photos from Samsung Note 2 smartphone. This tool helps you to rescue spent past momentous events of your life by recovering camera files of your Samsung Note 2 smartphone.

Scenarios that lead to deletion or loss of files from Samsung Note 2

Accidental Deletion: In spite of taking many precautions, users click the “Delete All” option instead of hitting the “Delete” option. Also sometimes, while removing unwanted stuff from your cell phone you may select the “Mark All” option but you press Delete option without un-marking important files which were there in marked files.

Anti-virus scanning: You may always scan your smartphone with an efficient antivirus program but when the photo files are infected with virus then while scanning this tool may delete them. In order to get back those photos and learn more about the Samsung Galaxy S2 picture recovery visit here:

Restore to the factory settings: Sometimes, certain installed applications your Samsung Note 2 cell phone might be slow so in order to accelerate its speed you may restore it without having a proper backup of important files. At this instance, the files might get erased completely thereby losing your important pictures. In this situation, you can straightaway start to recover erased photos from the Samsung smartphones using the Samsung Photo Recovery tool. Learn more about picture recovery by following this link:

NOTE: Once you have accidentally deleted photos, videos, and other media files from your Samsung Note 2, and really want to recover them, then immediately stop using the memory card of the Samsung Note 2, from where files are deleted. This is because, if the files that are deleted from Samsung Note 2's memory card, are replaced with new files, then it's highly impossible to regain those deleted files back.

Free Samsung Photo Recovery Tool to Recover Deleted Files from Samsung Note 2

Due to any of the above-discussed scenarios, you might have lost your important photos. As soon as you lose your important photos then implement the Samsung Note 2 photo recovery tool. This application can initially scan each sector of your cell memory card and then it recover deleted photos from Samsung Note 2 with utmost ease. This image recovery app is capable enough to recover deleted photos, videos and audio files from Samsung smartphone having different file types. For more info, check this URL

You can easily perform recovery of deleted photos from Samsung Note 2 on all popular versions of Windows OS. This software is highly incorporated with recovery technology to recover music, video and image files. Samsung Photo Recovery application not just helps you recover deleted photo file from Note ll phone, but it recovers photos from the Samsung Note 2 excellently when the memory card of the mobile phone is formatted, inaccessible or corrupted. This app is smart and user-friendly to retrieve deleted photos from all Samsung smartphones available in the market today. All retrieved images can be previewed and saved after completion of the recovery. So this Samsung Note 2 photo recovery tool is capable enough to restore all media files from any Samsung Galaxy smartphones as well. For further info go to this link -

Steps to Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung Note 2

Step 1: Download and install the software and then connect the phone or the memory card to the system. Once it is launched, select the option "Recover Photos". Also from the list of all available drives, choose the Samsung phone storage. Then click on the Scan button.

Samsung Photo Recovery - Main Screen

Step 2: The program scans and extracts the files from Samsung Note 2.

Photo Recovery Samsung - Select Drive

Step 3: You will find all the files restored by the software in a new screen.

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung - Recovered Files

Step 4: You can preview any of the file items displayed in the File Type View and Data View.

Photo Recovery Samsung - Preview

Step 5: The last step is to choose a folder location to save the file items marked for recovery.

Photo Recovery Samsung - Save