Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung Galaxy Fit

  • The eminent tool to retrieve photos deleted or lost from Galaxy Fit smartphones after accidental deletion, formatting, factory reset, card corruption and others
  • Restores all media files including pictures, videos, music files and many more
  • Features an option to preview all recovered file items
  • Even performs data recovery from hard disk drives, SSD's, memory cards, removable USB drives, etc.

Samsung phones are very popular in the market. Many of the users click a number of pictures using their smartphones. Captured photos will be stored in internal i.e., phone memory or external memory i.e. in the memory card. There are different types of Samsung Galaxy Smartphones phone available like Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy S5 10, Samsung Galaxy Fit, etc. Among which Samsung Galaxy Fit is highly preferred. This Samsung Galaxy Fit supports only Micro SD card as its external storage device. However, Samsung Galaxy Fit is extremely featured but under some situation, deletion of photos may put users into big trouble. What happens if you have accidentally deleted some of the precious photos from your Samsung Galaxy Fit? Are you thinking about a possibility whether the accidentally deleted Photos from the Samsung Galaxy Fit can be restored or not?

The answer to the above question is yes, the deleted photos are recoverable. There are many photo recovery software available in the market. However, one of the best tools is the Samsung Photo Recovery, which is capable to recover deleted images from Samsung Galaxy Fit. For more information about this Samsung Photo Recovery tool, just go through the given page URL This recovery program can solve all your problems on how to recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy Fit.

Common Photo Loss Scenarios:

  • When you free up some memory of your phone, you go to delete unwanted photos. Whilst deleting, you may mistakenly delete some important photos along with unwanted photos causing loss of precious pictures. This is a popular scenario where we lose our important video files from the Samsung device. If you are a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 user who has deleted crucial videos while deleting some unwanted videos from your Tab 10.1 then just visit and know how to recover deleted videos from your Samsung device.
  • Unknowingly pressing the Format button on Samsung Galaxy Fit, would result in deletion of all the valuable photos that are stored on the memory card of Samsung Galaxy Fit thereby leading to a photo file loss.
  • While transferring photos from the computer to phone, if a virus affects your photos then anti-virus in your Samsung Galaxy Fit may kill the virus by deleting the photo. During this process, you may lose your photos. Nevertheless, you can recover deleted images from the Samsung Galaxy Fit.
  • Before saving any photos to your system first check the memory of the phone. If there was not enough space on your phone to store then the photos that are associated with transfer would be deleted. But you got nothing to worry about because this photo recovery tool will recover deleted photo from Samsung phone.
  • During low battery indication, if you continue clicking photos using your Samsung Galaxy Fit then there are pretty chances of losing the photos from the storage.

Attractive Features of the Samsung Photo Recovery:

This is one of the powerful tools, which can retrieve deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy Fit. If there are bad sectors are present in the memory card of your phone, then this software creates the disk image of the memory card by using disk image option and subsequently you can recover deleted images from Samsung Galaxy Fit memory card. It scans the entire drive to locate the deleted photos and then restore deleted pictures from Samsung Galaxy FIT using its unique file signature. This restoration software can be used to recover deleted images from Samsung Galaxy Fit on all versions of Windows OS based computers. Besides Samsung Galaxy Smartphones, it also helps you to restore deleted pictures from the camera. By visiting this page you can know more about the deleted picture recovery from the digital camera. The software efficiently knows how to retrieve deleted images from the Samsung Galaxy Fit. This tool can also recover deleted photos from Samsung Fascinate in a very short span of time. To know how to recover deleted pictures from Samsung Fascinate go here: It is very user-friendly so that a non-technical person can operate the tool.

Steps to Retrieve Deleted Photos from Samsung Galaxy Fit:

Step 1: Download and install the tool on your computer. Connect the Samsung Galaxy Fit to the system. Run the software and then select "Recover Photos" from the main screen.

Samsung Photo Recovery - Main Screen

Step 2: The chosen drive is now scanned for the files that are deleted or lost.

Photo Recovery Samsung - Select Drive

Step 3: Files extracted from the storage appears in File Type View and Data View.

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung - Recovered Files

Step 4: Preview the files displayed in the list.

Photo Recovery Samsung - Preview

Step 5: Save the files to an appropriate drive location.

Photo Recovery Samsung - Save