How to Backup Contacts on HTC Smartphone?

HTC is an Android based popular Smartphone which rules over the hearts of mobile phone users. It comes with a lot of excellent features which makes it special and unique. It is safe and secure in terms of data that it holds. In spite of being safe and secure user always have fear of losing their valuable contacts. If you are also having such type of fear and want to be sure that no contacts get lost from your HTC mobile, then it would be better to backup all your contacts. If you are planning to backup HTC phone contacts then Remo MORE could be the beneficial tool for this purpose. I will explain later in this article about Remo MORE’s features but before that let me discuss some reasons why do you need to backup contacts on HTC Smartphone.

Why do one need to backup contacts on HTC phone?

No matter what type of user you are, contacts always matter for you. If you have collection of contacts which you have gathered over period of long time then definitely it will be important assets for you. Losing such contacts is always painful. Thus, to keep stay from a situation where your HTC phone contacts get lost it is better to take a safe backup.

How to backup HTC phone contacts?

When it comes to backup contacts on HTC Smartphone there are basically two ways that you can employ to backup contacts on HTC phone. One is manual way in which you have to copy each and every contact from HTC Smartphone one by one. This process of taking backup is a bit cumbersome and time consuming. It might not work for the people having busy schedule. Thus, if you want to backup all your contacts in just one go then you have to make use of an automated tool which can easily and effortlessly backup all your contacts within a few simple click of mouse. Now, the big problem is to find out which one is the best application available in the market. However, there is a tool which is recommended by many software veterans for the purpose of taking backup of HTC contacts, which is famous as Remo MORE. It can easily provide you a simple mechanism for contacts backup on HTC.

Why Remo MORE Program to Backup HTC Phone Contacts?

Remo MORE is developed with a special algorithm which makes it unique from other applications available in the market. It is designed by veteran software industry experts and its user interface gives it a special dimension of identity. You can easily use this tool without any special skills. It also gives you a step by step guide on how to backup contacts on HTC Smartphone with respective screen shots. You can make use of this tool on all the Android based Smartphones for backing up important contacts as well as valuable files from it. You can download Remo MORE from internet without spending even a single rupee. It is absolutely free of cost and is made available to the user.

Steps to backup HTC phone contacts:

Step 1: Download and install Remo MORE on your HTC phone and then launch the tool once it is launched select “Manage” option from main screen and then from next screen choose “Backup & Restore” option as shown in figure 1.

Backup HTC Phone Contacts - Main Screen

Figure 1 : Main Screen

Step 2: Now from this screen select “Contacts” option and then “Backup Contacts” from next screen to backup contacts on HTC phone as shown in figure 2.

Backup HTC Phone Contacts - Select Backup Contacts

Figure 2 : Select Backup Contacts

Step 3: On this screen provide the required details and click on “OK” button, after this Remo MORE will start the contact backup process as shown in figure 3.

Backup HTC Phone Contacts - Exporting Contacts

Figure 3 : Exporting Contacts