Best Tool to Delete App History on Android

Since few past years Android has become buzz word in the software industry. Android is basically an operating system which is used by Smartphones and provides a lots of advance features to mobile users. Most of the people are running behind the Android based Smartphones because it comes with very attractive and entertaining applications. Some of the android based applications have become so popular that people love to spend their spare time to enjoy it. Generally, most of the applications need an internet connection to be used, and when you use these applications on your Smartphones then a history of your activities is maintained. Entire app history is stored on storage device of your phone. App history comes handy if you want to track recent activity on your Smartphone, but it also has negative aspect so to say. Why I am saying negative aspect is because all the history is stored on your memory card of Smartphone, which is limited in storage capacity and a lot of memory is wasted in storing App history. Apart from memory consumption, it also impacts the performance of Android devices by making it work slowly.

If you are also an Android user and suffering with this kind of problem and want to remove Android app history, then Remo MORE is very useful tool made for this motive. It has ability to clear entire Android app history from your Android phone within a very less span of time. Before, I take you through the splendid features of Remo MORE, let me discuss what are the advantages you will get after removing Android app history.

What are the advantages of cleaning Android application history?

The main and noticeable advantage you will start experiencing after cleaning Android app history from your Android device, is the difference in its performance. Its performance gets increased at a considerable amount and your app starts running smoothly without any hassle. Of course, memory space is also increased and you can utilize it for storing useful data on your Android device.

Why Remo MORE for erasing Android app history?

I really take pride to answer this question that why to use Remo MORE for deleting Android application history. Based on my personal experience I would like to say that this is not one of the tools available today in the market, but it is a unique utility whose extraordinary features make it stand out of crowd and make it the best tool among all its counterparts. It is a brainchild of highly qualified and top class software engineers and is developed with a special and sophisticated algorithm. This Android App history eraser not only helps you to delete app historyon Android, but you can also clean all kind of junk data from your Android devices with ease. Remo MORE scans device with its unique algorithm and displays a complete report of all kind of junk data including browsing history, cache and many other types. It is simple yet powerful and comes with a very interactive graphical user interface. It is absolutely free of cost and can be downloaded from Internet within a fraction of second.

Steps to erase Android app history:

Step 1: Download and install Remo MORE Software on your Smartphone and then launch it. From, main screen select Optimize option and then Privacy Cleaner as shown in Figure 1.

Android App History Eraser - Main Screen

Figure 1 : Main Screen

Step 2: Now from next screen, choose Clean History in order to delete Android app history from your Android device as shown in Figure 2.

Android App History Eraser - Select Clean History

Figure 2 : Select Clean History

Step 3: Here from this screen, you have to select the history you want to delete from your Android based device and then tap on One Click Clean option to delete App history on Android including other junk data as shown in Figure 3.

Android App History Eraser - Tap One Click Clean Button

Figure 3 : Tap One Click Clean Button