Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung Epic

  • Excellent photo recovery tool to recover deleted pictures from Samsung Epic after accidental deletion, formatting, factory reset, and corruption of the device
  • Along with photos, it also recovers other media files like videos, music files, and much more
  • Comes in free demo edition that recovers and offers free preview of the recovered files even before activating the license of the software
  • Supports all Samsung devices including Smartphones, hard drives, memory cards, flash drives, SSDs, etc.
  • Samsung Epic is one of the best Android smartphone loaded with a large amount of applications and programs. Its enlarged touch screen and many other appreciable features make the user go crazy. These devices are used in large number to enjoy different genres of music, play different games and also to capture beautiful images or pictures. Most of the times the photos taken using this Android device go missing due to certain known and unknown reasons. These photos or images will be lost when the user makes use of the delete option intentionally or unintentionally and deletes all the images one by one. But such a loss of pictures is not permanent and any picture file which is lost due to user mistake can be recovered back. Yes, it is absolutely true. These deleted picture file types are recoverable since they still dwell on the same memory block. They are just hidden or they just have become invisible. So if you are a Samsung Epic user and recently lost all your priceless pictures after accidental deletion then don’t take much tension. Just restore them back using robust and highly flexible recovery software such as Samsung photo recovery which is an ultimate tool to restore deleted photos from Samsung phones with different Android versions.

    Pictures on Samsung Epic also go missing when the memory card which is held on the Samsung phone is formatted intentionally or unintentionally. The need to format this memory card arises when it gets extremely corrupt due to different unusual reasons. To remove corruption from these cards formatting is carried out. But if these cards are formatted prior to backing up the pictures on Samsung Epic then it results in severe data loss from the Samsung device. Sometimes these memory cards are formatted without any intention. In both the cases loss of pictures is unavoidable. So a Samsung Epic user must keep backing up all his device pictures to avoid their loss. If at the right time these photos are not backed up then one will definitely require this tool to recover photos from Samsung Epic. One will also need this Samsung photo recovery software when the photos are accidentally deleted from Samsung Note 2. Just click on to learn how this tool helps in recovering deleted pictures from Samsung Note 2.

    In case you have lost crucial image files from your Samsung Epic after memory card corruption then you must try this application as it will easily recover deleted photos from Samsung Epic after corruption of different memory cards such as SD, xD and CF cards. This application can be installed and run on various Windows machines such as XP, Vista and Windows 8. It is the perfect tool to restore pictures not only from Samsung Epic but also from various other Samsung phones such as Samsung Galaxy and Samsung S4. Simply visit to study some more features of this utility. It is observed to be the most advanced tool to restore pictures that are deleted from Samsung Galaxy S3. Any picture file deleted from Samsung Galaxy S3 can be safely restored with the help of this tool. To know how this tool performs recovery of deleted pictures from Samsung Galaxy S3 visit

    Steps to Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung Epic:

    Step 1: Download and install this software and then connect Samsung Epic to system, once it is launched choose the option "Recover Deleted Files" from the main screen.

    Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung Epic - Main Screen

    Step 2: From this screen choose your Samsung device.

    Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung Epic - Select Samsung Epic 4G Touch

    Step 3:Preview the restored pictures soon after the completion of scanning process.

    Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung Epic - Preview Recovered Photos

    Step 4: Use the save option to save the restored photos after previewing.